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Our Mission

Our mission is to shift communities by empowering the families that drive them.  Our mission is to shift communities by empowering the families that drive them. The Momathon community and clientele are made up of energetic entrepreneurs, C-Suite savants, ambitious professionals, and charismatic ministry leaders who are reshaping their spheres of influence.

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Christina Garrett
Productivity + Wellness Coach

I help ambitious mom leaders to reach their goals in half the time. In addition to leading and loving the Momathon Movement, I am best known for being a multitasking Pastor's wife, homeschooling mom of five incredible children, and a thought leader in the productivity space.


Over the last 11 years, I have been honored to support thousands of brilliant and ambitious mothers around the globe with life-changing strategies to organize their busy worlds. Our clients are family-focused, love Christ, and love the work they do. The community and coaching support focuses on helping you to make powerful decisions, finding time for self-care, and equipping you to lead well as you balance your home responsibilities and career building. 


Based on the principle laid out in Proverbs 14, we believe that wise women build their homes first, and then work to create an impact in their communities using their gifts and the power of their message.


Through 1:1 coaching partnerships, speaking, workshop presentations, and the annual Momathon Conference, Founder Christina Garrett equips ambitious women with the powerhouse strategies to build big ideas and hit their goals without burnout.

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The How

We do this through consulting and coaching programs
rooted in the Pillars of Productivity.

Pillar 1: Create the family (or organizational) vision.
Pillar 2: Communicate your needs + desires to your loved ones.
Pillar 3: Delegate unnecessary tasks.
Pillar 4: Elevate your mission and ideas with intentional goal-reaching and strategic planning.

The clients who have the most success in our programs are focused and ambitious mothers who are emotionally intelligent, passionate about their families, and faith-led. Our programs range from $2.5k – $15k

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